Terms & Conditions


Upon sale of artwork the buyer and I will complete and sign a Contract of Sale. The contract includes the following points


Although the copyright in the work is retained by the artist, the buyer shall be entitled to permit the reproduction of the work in art books, art magazines and exhibition catalogues so long as the buyer or a 3rd party is not profiting and the artist is notified and credited appropriately as follows:

© 2021 Sadie Phew - When sharing any image of the artwork on social media the image must also be labelled to show copyright ownership as above. If the buyer wishes to reproduce the artwork for any purpose not mentioned above they can contact DACS who deal with copyright licensing on the artists behalf and a fee will be charged in accordance with current market rates. The artist retains copyright of the image and is entitled to reproduce the image for purposes including but not limited to, a series of prints, postcards, images online, clothing, textiles, promotional literature and theatre backdrops.


If the artwork is resold the Artist Resale Right applies and royalties are due to be paid to the artist. DACS handle the collection and determine the amount owed according to resale value. The Artist Resale Right is still applicable if the artist is deceased and still within copyright.


Other points included on the Contract of Sale are about care and restoration of the work, an opt in or out of allowing the work to be included in future exhibtions and placement of the work in institutions or for sale.


If you are a gallery wishing to display and/or sell my artwork please email me to discuss further. A consignment agreement will be completed and signed by both parties to agree terms.


I will collect client contact details soley for the purposes of taking commissions, selling artwork and record keeping in accordance with HMRC only and I will never pass on clients personal information to 3rd parties.


I will not use clients personal information for any purpose other than as agreed. Ie newsletters or contacting about future exhibitions


I do not keep hard copy documents with client personal data on. Any hard copies of contracts etc will be scanned and stored on my password protected laptop.


Clients can opt out of receiving email updates at any time by sending an email with the request to and I will then delete your contact details from my spreadsheet.


After the initial consulation process, a quote for the work will be provided and a commissioning agreement will be signed by myself and the commissioner to agree the terms of working.


The quoted amount will never be exceeded, apart from when extra work is requested post agreement. If I have under-estimated the time I need to complete the work I will not pass the cost on to the client, however, the final amount due may be less than quoted if an over-estimation has happened. If extra work is requested after the agreement and quote has been made I will include this on the final invoice and it may then exceed the original quote.


50% payment is required before the work will commence. The remaining fee is required upon written notice that the artwork is completed.


The copyrights to the artwork will remain with the artist after sale, unless the commissioner arranges to purchase the copyrights and this has been written into the commissioning agreement specifically.


If the commissioner is not 100% happy with the finished artwork I am open to discussing any issues and will make amendments. I always want the client to be completely happy with their artwork, however if I am required to make more than one amendment I will charge for this extra time on the final invoice if the original quoted hours have been exceeded.


The artist shall retain all rights in and title to the work until its completion and delivery, receipt of final payment and signature of the Contract of Sale.


I have Public Liability Insurance through Artists-Network.


I operate a tiered charging system for commissioned work relative to wealth and means, allowing me to make fine art more accessible to those on lower incomes. Rates will be agreed before work commences and are based on the hourly rates below:


£15 per hour (low incomes) 


£25 per hour (standard)

£40 per hour (high income) 

Materials and postage costs are charged in addition to the hourly rate.


All invoices are payable by Bank Transfer or Cash within 5 working days of receipt. All invoices are sent via email unless otherwise requested.


I want fine art to be accessible for everyone so if your budget is small please get in touch with what you are looking for and I will see if I can help. Payments by installments can be arranged if needed, but must be agreed before work commences.