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I am a multi-disciplinary artist with an interest in abstract expressionism, clowning and collaboration. My paintings are energetic, layered, and colourful with a messy and chaotic feel. There is childlike playfulness in my work and a spontaneity that makes the work feel alive and busy. It's about the inner world, exploring trauma healing and masks, often inspired by performance and characters,and always with a connection back to my own emotions and physiology.


I like the textures, layers, colour and messiness of the street art and peeling posters in Bristol where I live. I take inspiration from this busy environment, as well as the my own emotional journey, compassion and curiosity I explore in my personal therapeutic practices. I am influenced by the rawness of Basquiat and the complex mutli-media layers of Ian Francis, and many other artists. I want people to feel energised by my work, to relate to it in some way or feel moved to spend time exploring it.


My art making process can only grow from my personal wellbeing practices. I approach new canvases like a child, with scribbles, smudges, splashes of paint, collage and thirst to try new things. I normally leave a canvas for quite a while before returning with an idea of the subject matter. I use the random and spontaneous underlayers to inform my decisions about composition. I use biological diagrams, bold and bright colours, geometric shapes, layers, collage and mixed media using posca pens, acrylic paint, household paint, nail varnish, gaffa tape, inks and oil pastels. My artwork is energetic, vibrant, authentic to me and it's fun, despite the subject matter being dark or challenging at times.

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