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M32 Metamorphosis Project (2021 - 2022)

Partners: Highways England, Bristol City Council, LitterARTI, Conrico Steez, Peace of Art

I managed this large scale, community driven public art project, with many partners and complex challenges to overcome, with successful completion of quality mural designs in March 2022. 

For over a year I worked with partners to secure permissions to paint on structures belonging to Highways England, managed complex health and safety documentation complying to CDM regulations, secured funding, commissioned artists, engaged the community via questionnaires, designed the artwork digitally and executed the design on 22ft high pillars over 3 floors of scaffolding. Phew!


The mural design is a collaboration with LitterARTI, responding to local environmental project around blue spaces and a celebration of microscopic lifeforms called diatoms.

(left) Final artwork design. I used graphic image manipulation software to compose the artwork, laying out gridlines for scaffolding measurements. 

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(right) Poster graphics created to be laminated and displayed on the fencing around the scaffolding sites, explaining the project and the designs to passers by. 

(below) publicity graphics for social media showing designs from all artists, including Peace of Art and Conrico Steez. 


I was involved in working with Highways on the press release about the project, with articles written by the BBC, ITV and local radio stations inviting us for interview. 

Links to recent press, my social media channels and feedback questionnaire can be found here

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Before pics. (right) initial meetings in March 2021 to plan the project. We wanted to transform this grey, ugly and unsafe feeling part of Bristol and turn it into an outdoor art gallery, inspiring the community to make more use of the space, increasing footfall and a sense of safety. 

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(left) First artist meet up in June 2021.


Funding from Bristol City Councils highly competitive Cultural Investment Programme got the project off the ground, allowing us to commission artists and begin work. 


After photo (right). Scaffolding went up on 28th February 2022 for us to begin painting, and came down only recently (15th March), revealing our artwork for the public to enjoy. Some audience responses we've received so far:

'The artwork is amazing and uplifting. Exactly what the surrounding community should have to look at instead of bland concrete pillars. Well done and please keep going with the rest of the pillars'

'They're a great bit of colour to see in the mornings before work'

'Makes me feel good. So many people in the community wanted this and now we have it so thank you for your dedication.'

'I love the bright colours and patterns and that the images link back to the local community and environment'



(Below) A tired but happy looking artist team photo on the last day of painting. Some great working relationships formed, amazing creative energy and future collaboration possibilities forming. Amazing hard work from all the team: LitterARTI, Peace of Art, Conrico Steez, and Highways England are thrilled with the results offering us future commissions across the country.

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Process photos