I offer a unique collaborative commissioning process for those who want to get involved in some art-making. I invite you to start off the canvas before I add layers on top with my colourful abstract expressionist style, leaving some of the original visible, creating a one of a kind collaborative piece of art.

The subject of the painting will be what's important to you. It could be a portrait, a still life or an abstract idea, quality, situation or thing you would like to manifest into your life. The artwork can be used to transform a room, to give yourself inspiration and encouragement, to give as a gift, hang in a commercial space or something else entirely.

The process starts off with a consultation to guide my decisions on colour, size and content, find out where the painting will live and your aims for it, as well as digging deeper about what the subject means to you personally.


My portrait style is loose and abstract expressionist yet still recognisable and I will need a good quality photograph for this. 


How It Works


Fill out the enquiry form below or email me. I will get in touch to arrange a consultation by email, phone, or face to face, as you prefer. If you decide to go ahead a commissioning agreement with a quote will be sent to you for signature and a 50% deposit is payable.


I send you the rolled up canvas in the post to complete your artwork, or you come to the studio instead. This is your chance to get creative in whatever way you want, scribble, draw, write, splash, print shapes, print your hands or body parts! You can do anything you want, just try to leave at least some white spaces.


Send the canvas back to me in the same packaging it arrived in (if applicable) and wait to receive an image of the final artwork.


Make final payment, sign sales agreement and receive original artwork by courier or come to collect from the studio.