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Artist Statement

Clown, performer, singer and visual artist from Bristol via Cambridge, London and the deepest darkest rural fenlands of East Anglia. Having trained in Clown, Bouffon, Improv, Stand-Up and improvised musical comedy since 2017 she has finally accepted herself as a performer, and not just an artist that paints canvases. It has taken her a while to navigate her own path to performance while taking care of her needs. 

As a neurodivergent working class weirdo, operating in a middle class and neurotypical world, her life experiences and perspective seem to be ripe for comedy. She feels like one of life’s anomalies. She doesn’t fully fit in amongst the privileged world of the arts she now occupies, nor with the people where she’s from who think she’s a snob. 

Sadie Phew has trained with many inspiring teachers including Holly Stoppit, Peta Lily, Jon Wright, Jamie Wood, Angie Belcher, Dan Lees, Sarah Fielding and Robyn Hambrook of the Bristol Clown School. And many years of improv classes with the Free Association in London, Write On in Cambridge and the Bristol Improv Theatre. 

She is energised by the feeling of being on stage and making an audience laugh their bums right off! She recently started a company, Idiot Ensemble, a collective of artists, performers, musicians and film-makers coming together to support, inspire and collaborate on projects.


She is interested in embodied movement practices for trauma healing and brings this approach to her performance work. She sees her creative practice as her relationship with her own body, mind, creative collaborators and the audience witnessing. There is a magic that can happen. Her practice is always evolving and she tries to work intuitively and not be too stuck within a discipline or try to do things how other people do them. 


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