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Artist Statement

Sadie Phew is a multi-discliplinary artist working on canvas, site-specific artwork,  performance and digital mediums. She is fascinated by nature, psychology, tech and the human body and mind's ability to heal and overcome adversity.


Phew is based in Bristol, UK. She studied Life Sciences at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, and is a self-taught artist. Her artistic style is free and spontaneous, with an intensely bright colour palette. Her work has progressed from street art inspired fine art, environmentally focussed art installations and interactive festival performance, to the more personal, unapologetic and bold. Her latest body of work on canvas deals with concerns around mental health and trauma recovery, with recurring themes of geometric shapes, abstract expressionist paint splatters and vivid colours, she uses materials such as collaged magazines, emulsion, oil pastels, acrylic, inks, spray paint and posca pens.


She is transformed each time she makes art, delighting in taking up space. On the edge of her comfort zone, her art is playful yet doesn't shy away from the darker emotions. There are often many layers to her visual artwork, with with a feeling of busyness, partially obscuring text. 


One of her earliest childhood memories of drawing on the bathroom wall seems poignant and she sees her art-practice as a process of reconnecting with that childhood joy, gently and curiously.


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