I love making art and sharing it and I am overjoyed to now make this my main focus. I am a Bristol based fine artist and absurdist comedy performer. I make visual artwork that is valuable, meaningful, brings enjoyment and re-energises a space. I believe in equality and I want fine art to be available for everyone, so I operate a tiered payment structure on commissions relative to wealth and means to reflect this.


I offer unique collaborative commissions where I invite you to participate in the art making via a fun and therapeutic creative process. Whether your painting subject is a portrait of a loved one, an object, something abstract or a manifestation of your dreams, your contribution is overlayed with my colourful abstract expressionist style to create a one-of-a-kind canvas that is truly yours.


I love it when people get excited about my artwork so please feel free to drop me a message of support, enquire about art commissions or sales, follow my blog or support me financially via Patreon. My work is inspired by my personal therapy, wellbeing practices, clowning, energetic street art in Bristol and the rawness of artists such as Basquiat.


Original artwork on stretched canvas and prints are available to purchase. If you would like something I haven't mentioned, such as a mural, a non-collaborative commission, digital illustration work or to use my art for any other purpose, please get in touch.

Please visit my performance page for more information about my role as one half of absurdist performance clown art duo, Hazmat & Covid, who perform in the streets of Bristol, make films, comedy sketches and create community artwork. Other absurdist street theatre plans and upcoming events will be shared here too.


©2020 by Sadie Phew